Innovation Business Plans for products in development

Business Plans for products in development

“Mobilise your teams to maximize the value capture of innovations – By developing Innovation Business Plans”

Innovation Business Plans

Patents are expiring. The political and financial pressure is increasing. Customers are becoming more demanding. Competition is increasing, and sales and marketing costs are increasing. For companies to gain or sustain their position in the market, it is necessary to strengthen the organizations business building mindset. The process of developing an Innovation Business Plan, is the key driver in reaching this goal.

With an offset in product innovation, business analysis and business strategy, we offer seminars where a project group(s) through lectures, tutorial sessions and breakout teamwork, will develop innovation business plans, for their product in development.


What we do

Consulting and seminars will assist the client in
  • Maximizing the value capture of a given product in development.
  • Developing a project specific innovation business plan(s) in cooperation with the project team(s).
  • Upgrade overall business skills.
  • Enhance team skills, increase team performance and secure project alignment.
Target groups
  • Project Teams