Strategy mapping - Create understanding and commitment to a vision, by developing a strategy map

Strategy Mapping™

“Create understanding and commitment to a vision, and the underlying strategies, by developing a Strategy Map™”

Strategy Mapping™

Business environments changes faster than ever. Strategies are being developed in large numbers, and companies abilities to develop strategies has improved significantly. Even small and medium sized companies develops great strategies today. Consequently the real challenge is to mobilize your people behind the strategies to succeed.

Often the majority of people can’t see how a new strategic direction will impact their daily life. And they find it difficult to see, how they can contribute in reaching the department or company vision.

The challenge is how to make sure that the wise words of a department or company strategy is lived out through the employees!

With an offset in change management and vast experience in developing and implementing strategies – We offer seminars where your company, department or team develops a Strategy Map™️ – From Vision to Action, and thereby creates the foundation for an effective implementation of your actions.


What we do

The seminars will assist the client in
  • Creating a common picture of the future for- and with the organization.
  • Transform a Vision into strategies and action, and have individuals see where and how they can contribute.
  • Energize the organisation by creating understanding and commitment to the vision and strategies.
Target groups
  • Management teams
  • Functional areas
  • Departments